Wall Suction Unit Double Canister Suction

Wall Suction Unit Double Canister Suction

Wall Suction Unit

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A Wall Suction Unit Double Canister suction unit typically refers to a medical device used to remove fluids, secretions, or debris from a patient during surgery or in medical procedures. Here’s a brief overview of what it typically includes and how it functions:

  1. Canisters: The unit has two separate canisters or jars that collect the suctioned material. These canisters are usually transparent for easy monitoring of fluid levels and content.
  2. Vacuum Pump: There is a vacuum pump or suction pump that generates the negative pressure needed to suction fluids from the patient’s body.
  3. Regulation and Control: The unit will have controls to adjust the level of suction pressure applied, ensuring it is appropriate for different types of procedures and patient needs.
  4. Safety Features: It includes safety features such as overflow protection to prevent fluids from overflowing into the pump or backflow prevention to avoid contamination.
  5. Mounting: It is designed to be mounted on a wall or a stable surface in medical settings for easy access during procedures.
  6. Maintenance: Regular maintenance is required to ensure proper functioning and hygiene standards are met. This includes emptying and cleaning the canisters, checking tubing for blockages, and servicing the pump as needed.

Wall Suction Unit Double Canister suction units are particularly useful in settings where continuous suction is required, or when different types of fluids need to be separately collected and disposed of during medical procedures.


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