The Vein-Eye Carry or Vein Locating System

The Vein-Eye Carry or Vein Locating System

The Vein-Eye CARRY by Near Infrared Imaging provides superb real-time video to locate veins to be punctured.

The Vein-Eye Carry or Vein Locating System.

What does Near Infrared Imaging (NII) offer?

The Near Infrared Imaging or (NII),

  • developed
  • designed
  • engineered
  • assembled
  • distributed

since 2009.

NII utilizes high quality medical equipment distributors to service a worldwide community. Their corporate commitment is to provide the highest quality medical solutions at a price affordable to a global community.

Near Infrared Imaging Inc. is a Delawar, USA Corporation owned, in part, by:

  • The City University of New York (CUNY)

The Vein-Eye Carry 3rd generation product built for medical experts, blood drawing experts, infusion experts. NII’s patented vein illumination technology used for non-contact vein recognition biometrics.

The Vein-Eye Carry referred to vein viewer, vein finder, or a vein locator.

It is simply the best medical device for finding veins.

Why do we need vein locators?

The #1 problem with placing an IV in a patient or in drawing blood is finding a vein to puncture. This is troublesome if the patient is plus-sized, dark-skinned or a newborn patient.

The Vein-Eye CARRY by Near Infrared Imaging provides real-time video to locate veins.

It utilizes real-time video for the accurate puncturing of the vein on the 1st attempt.  The Vein-Eye CARRY will monitor the needle so that any form of drug does not infiltrate into the surrounding tissue area.

The Vein-Eye CARRY is lightweight, portable, used in-hospital, healthcare provider rooms, homecare, nursing home, frail care facilities, on ambulances or patient.

Why is vein locating important?

“Establishing vascular access is a critical component of resuscitation during a cardiac arrest … it is clear that the benefits of early vascular access must be considered in conjunction with the importance of uninterrupted CPR.” – Jonathan A. Anson, M.D., Anesthesiology April 2014, Vol. 120, 1015– 1031.

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