Tamper-Proof Seals or Tags

Tamper-Proof Seals or Tags


Tamperproof Seals with Serial Numbers

Effective length 14cm, Tail dimeter 3.2 mm

Colours Red and Blue

Pack of 100

Tamper-proof seals or tags are security devices designed to show evidence of tampering. They are widely used in various industries to ensure the integrity and authenticity of products, packages, or containers. Here are some key points about tamper-proof seals/tags:

  1. Purpose: The primary purpose of tamper-proof seals is to indicate if unauthorized access has occurred. They provide visual evidence that a package or product has been opened or tampered with.
  2. Types:
    • Physical Barriers: These include seals that physically block access to containers or packages until broken, such as shrink wrap, breakable caps, or tape with security patterns.
  3. Industries: Commonly used in pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electronics, transportation (for cargo security), and any field where maintaining product integrity is critical.
  4. Benefits:
    • Security: Deters unauthorized access and tampering.
    • Accountability: Provides a clear indication if tampering has occurred, aiding in accountability.
    • Consumer Confidence: Assures consumers of product safety and authenticity.
  5. Implementation:
    • Seals should be applied securely and in a manner that makes tampering obvious (e.g., covering seams or closures).
    • Verification methods (such as checking for intact seals) should be part of quality control processes.
  6. Legal and Regulatory Requirements: Some industries have specific regulations regarding the use of tamper-proof seals to prevent contamination, fraud, or counterfeiting.
  7. Challenges:
    • Developing seals that are both secure and cost-effective.
    • Ensuring that seals are easy to verify but difficult to replicate or bypass.

In summary, tamper-proof seals/tags play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and security of products during storage, transport, and distribution. They provide assurance to both businesses and consumers that products have not been altered or compromised.


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