Re-Breathing Bag

Re-Breathing Bag

Re-Breathing Bag, Silicone, Latex free 0.5ℓ, 1ℓ, 2ℓ and 3ℓ

Re-Breathing Bag, typically made of silicone, is a crucial component in various medical and veterinary applications. It’s designed to temporarily store and deliver gases (such as oxygen and anesthetic gases) to patients during procedures. Here are some key aspects of re-breathing bags made from silicone:

  1. Material: Silicone is preferred due to its flexibility, durability, and resistance to degradation from exposure to sterilization methods like autoclaving. It’s also inert and non-reactive, making it safe for medical use.
  2. Purpose: The primary function of a re-breathing bag is to temporarily store a volume of gas (typically oxygen or a mix of gases) and allow controlled delivery to the patient during inhalation. This helps maintain oxygenation and anesthesia levels.
  3. Design: Re-breathing bags are typically collapsible and have a valve system that allows them to be refilled with fresh gas during the patient’s breathing cycle. This design prevents the rebreathing of exhaled carbon dioxide and ensures the delivery of fresh gas to the patient.
  4. Sizes: They come in various sizes to accommodate different patient needs, from small bags used in veterinary medicine to larger bags used in human anesthesia.
  5. Maintenance: Silicone bags are easy to clean and sterilize, which is crucial for preventing cross-contamination between patients.
  6. Safety: Proper monitoring and sizing of re-breathing bags are essential to prevent over-inflation or under-inflation, which could affect the patient’s respiratory function.

In summary, silicone re-breathing bags play a critical role in medical settings by facilitating controlled gas delivery to patients undergoing procedures requiring anesthesia or oxygen therapy. Their design and material make them durable, safe, and suitable for repeated use after proper sterilization.


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