Oxygen (O₂) Regulator with Female Heyer

Oxygen (O₂) Regulator with Female Heyer

Pin Index, Click adjust with Barb connection and Female Heyer Connection,

Flow: 0 – 25 ℓ / minute.

Oxygen (O₂) Regulator with Female Heyer

An oxygen regulator with pin index is a critical device used in medical and sometimes industrial settings to control and regulate the flow of oxygen from a supply source (such as a tank or cylinder) to a patient or application. Oxygen (O₂) Regulator: This is a device used to regulate the flow of oxygen from a compressed oxygen cylinder to a safe and consistent level suitable for medical or industrial use.

  1. Pin Index: Pin index regulators have a specific design where the regulator attaches to the oxygen cylinder using pins that fit into corresponding holes on the cylinder valve. This ensures that the regulator is correctly aligned and securely attached to the cylinder.
  2. Click Adjust: This typically refers to a feature on the regulator that allows for easy adjustment of the oxygen flow rate. It may involve a mechanism where you can click through different settings to select the desired flow rate.
  3. Barb Connection: A barb connection is a type of fitting where a tube can be pushed onto a tapered stub (barb), creating a secure connection. This is often used for connecting tubing to the regulator.
  4. Heyer Connection: It’s designed to ensure compatibility and secure attachment of components.

Oxygen (O₂) Regulator with Female Heyer Each of these features contributes to the functionality, safety, and ease of use of an oxygen regulator system, particularly in medical settings where precise control and reliable connections are crucial.


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