Oxygen (O²) Flow Meter with Gabler Rail Mount


Oxygen (O²) Flow Meter with Gabler Rail Mount

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Oxygen (O²) Flow Meter with Gabler Rail Mount, ball and tube type with Heyer connection (0-15 ℓ/min)

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Oxygen (O²) Flow Meter with Gabler Rail Mount is a device used to regulate and measure the flow of oxygen in medical settings. It typically mounts onto a rail system commonly found in hospitals or medical facilities, providing a secure and easily accessible location for monitoring oxygen flow to patients. These devices are crucial in ensuring precise delivery of oxygen, which is essential for patients requiring supplemental oxygen therapy. They are designed with clear indicators and adjustments for healthcare professionals to set and monitor the oxygen flow rates accurately.


A Gabler rail mount is a type of mounting system commonly used in medical settings to secure equipment such as oxygen flow meters to rails found on medical carts or bed rails. Here’s a general overview of how an oxygen (O²) flow meter with a Gabler rail mount would typically work:

  1. Gabler Rail Mount: This is a specific type of rail system designed to be compatible with medical equipment. It allows for easy attachment and detachment of devices like oxygen flow meters onto rails commonly found in hospital environments.
  2. Oxygen Flow Meter: This device measures and regulates the flow rate of oxygen delivered to a patient. It typically consists of a calibrated tube with a flow indicator that allows healthcare providers to set and monitor the precise amount of oxygen being administered.
  3. Assembly: To use an oxygen flow meter with a Gabler rail mount:
    • The flow meter is equipped with a bracket or mechanism that is designed to securely attach to the Gabler rail mount.
    • The rail mount itself is usually part of a larger medical equipment system (like a medical cart or a bedside rail) where other devices might also be mounted.
  4. Adjustment and Monitoring: Once attached to the rail mount, healthcare providers can adjust the oxygen flow rate using the controls on the flow meter. This adjustment is crucial as it determines the amount of oxygen being delivered to the patient, which needs to be carefully monitored and adjusted based on the patient’s condition.
  5. Flexibility and Compatibility: Gabler rail mounts are designed to be versatile and compatible with various medical equipment, including oxygen flow meters. They ensure that devices can be easily moved, adjusted, and secured in different positions as needed during patient care.

Overall, the combination of an oxygen flow meter with a Gabler rail mount provides healthcare providers with a reliable and flexible solution for administering oxygen therapy efficiently and safely in clinical settings.


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