Oxygen (O₂) Regulator Dual Outlet

Oxygen (O₂) Regulator Dual Outlet

Pin Index, Click adjust with Barb connection and DISS connection.

Flow: 0 – 25 ℓ / minute.

(not for use with bubble through humidifier)


Oxygen (O²) Regulator, Pin Index, Dual Outlet

An Oxygen (O²) Regulator is a crucial device used to control and regulate the flow of oxygen from a compressed gas cylinder to a patient or application. Here are some key points about oxygen regulators:

  1. Purpose: Oxygen regulators are used to deliver a controlled flow of oxygen at a safe pressure to patients in medical settings or to support various industrial applications where oxygen is needed.
  2. Design: They typically consist of a body, a pressure gauge to indicate cylinder pressure, a flow meter or knob to adjust the flow rate, and an outlet where oxygen tubing or equipment can be connected.
  3. Safety Features: Modern oxygen regulators often include safety features such as pressure relief valves to prevent excessive pressure build-up, and some may have visual or audible alarms if the pressure drops below a certain level.
  4. Types: There are different types of oxygen regulators designed for specific applications, including those for medical use, welding and cutting operations, and scientific research.
  5. Compatibility: Oxygen regulators must be compatible with the type of oxygen cylinder they are intended to be used with, ensuring proper connection and safe operation.
Oxygen (O²) Regulator, Pin Index, Dual Outlet
  • Pin Index: This refers to a system where specific pins (or posts) on the regulator connect securely and uniquely to corresponding holes or slots on an oxygen cylinder. It ensures that regulators are only connected to cylinders containing the correct gas, preventing errors and enhancing safety.
  • Click Adjust: This might indicate a mechanism on the regulator that allows adjustments to the flow rate in discrete steps, typically accompanied by audible or tactile feedback (“clicks”) to indicate each increment or decrement of flow.
  • Dual Outlet: This means the regulator has two separate outlets, allowing it to supply oxygen to two different devices simultaneously. This feature is useful in medical scenarios where multiple patients may need oxygen from the same source.


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