NIBP Double Tube Bladderless

NIBP Double Tube Bladderless

Sizes: Neonatal, Infant, Child, Small Adult, Adult, Adult Extra Length, Large Adult, Large Adult Extra Length, Thigh.

Make:  Unimed

NIBP Double Tube Bladderless configuration refers to a specific type of blood pressure cuff used in non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) monitoring systems.

Here’s what each component typically means in this context:

  1. NIBP (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure): Refers to the method of measuring blood pressure without invasive procedures, such as inserting instruments into the body.
  2. Double Tube: This indicates the tubing system connected to the cuff. In a double tube system, there are two separate tubes connected to the cuff: one for inflation and one for deflation. This allows for more precise control over the cuff’s inflation and deflation process compared to single-tube designs.
  3. Bladderless: “Bladderless” means that the cuff does not have a separate bladder component. Traditional cuffs have an inflatable bladder that applies pressure to the patient’s arm. In a bladderless design, the cuff itself expands and contracts uniformly without a separate bladder.

In practical terms, a NIBP Double Tube Bladderless cuff combines the benefits of precise inflation control (with the double-tube system) and the simplicity of a bladderless design. The cuff inflates evenly around the patient’s arm using air pressure from one tube, while the other tube controls the deflation process.

These cuffs are commonly used in modern electronic blood pressure monitors found in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings. The electronic control allows for accurate and reliable blood pressure measurements, where the cuff inflates to a set pressure and then slowly deflates while sensors detect the pulsations of blood flow to calculate systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings.

In summary, the NIBP Double Tube Bladderless configuration offers a balanced approach between precise cuff control and simplicity in design, making it suitable for accurate blood pressure monitoring in clinical environments.


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