ECG Complete Cable

ECG Complete Cable

Reusable 3 Lead, 5 Lead and 10 Lead

An ECG (electrocardiogram) complete cable typically refers to the set of cables and leads used to connect electrodes to an ECG machine.

  1. Electrodes: These are placed on the patient’s skin at specific locations (limbs and chest) to detect electrical signals from the heart.
  2. Lead Wires: These wires connect the electrodes to the ECG machine. They transmit the electrical signals picked up by the electrodes to the machine for interpretation and display.
  3. Connector: The connector at the end of the lead wires is designed to securely plug into the ECG machine, ensuring a reliable connection for accurate readings.
  4. Cable Housing: The housing or casing of the cable is designed to protect the wires and connectors from damage and to provide insulation.
  5. Compatibility: ECG cables come in various configurations and connectors depending on the type and model of the ECG machine they are intended for. It’s important to ensure compatibility between the cable and the machine to ensure proper functionality.

These components together form the ECG complete cable, essential for the proper functioning and accurate readings of an ECG machine during cardiac monitoring and diagnosis.

Please forward a Picture of both sides of the ECG cable and we will gladly help.
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