Blood Pressure Monitor with SPO2

Blood Pressure Monitor with SPO2

Contec Blood Pressure Meter with Spo2 Probe

Blood pressure monitor with SPO2 capability is a medical device that combines the functionality of measuring both blood pressure and blood oxygen saturation levels (SPO2).

  1. Blood Pressure Monitoring: This typically involves an inflatable cuff that is wrapped around the upper arm (for automatic monitors) or wrist (for wrist-based monitors). The cuff inflates and deflates to measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  2. SPO2 Monitoring: This measures the oxygen saturation level in the blood. It’s usually done with a probe that is placed on a fingertip, earlobe, or another area where blood flow can be measured. The device uses light absorption to determine the amount of oxygen bound to hemoglobin in the blood.

Blood Pressure Monitor with SPO2 combining these functions into one device can be beneficial for healthcare providers and individuals monitoring their health, as it allows for simultaneous monitoring of two important vital signs.

This integration is common in more advanced or multi-function medical monitoring devices.

One touch auto inflate
Colorful, high resolution, large LCD
Three-user data system,99 records for each user
Mode for adult, pediatric and neonatal selectable
Alarm set
Error detection and showing
SPO2 function (optional probe)
Communication with PC
Time set, Clocking undisturbed in short time battery changing
mmHg and kPa selectable
Low power indication, auto power off when left idle

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