Blood Pressure Hose Connector


Blood Pressure Hose Connector

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Blood Pressure Hose Connector.

A blood pressure hose connector is a crucial component in blood pressure monitoring equipment.

It typically refers to the part where the hose from the blood pressure cuff connects to the monitor or the inflation bulb.

This connector allows for the transmission of pressure readings from the cuff to the monitoring device or inflation source.

In medical settings, connectors need to be secure, leak-proof, and compatible with the specific blood pressure monitor or cuff being used.

They come in various designs and sizes to fit different models of monitors and cuffs.


Blood Pressure Hose Connector usually consists of flexible tubing that connects the inflatable cuff (which goes around the patient’s arm) to the monitor unit.

Hose Connector: 

This is the part that allows the hose to be securely attach to both the cuff and the monitor.

It often includes fittings or adapters to ensure a proper seal and prevent leaks during pressure measurement.



Made from durable materials, withstand repeated use and pressure changes.


Connectors play a crucial role in ensuring accurate blood pressure readings.  By maintaining a sealed system that controls the flow of air in and out of the cuff.


Regular inspection and cleaning of the hose and connector are important to ensure the device functions properly and remains hygienic for patient use.



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