Blood Pressure Fitting, T-Piece


Blood Pressure Fitting, T-Piece

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A Blood Pressure Fitting, T-Piece in the context of blood pressure measurement

Typically refers to a connector or adapter used in arterial blood pressure monitoring setups.


Blood Pressure Fitting (Transducer):
  • In arterial blood pressure monitoring.
  • A transducer is used to convert the pressure signal from the patient’s artery into an electrical signal that can be displayed and interpreted.
  • The transducer is connected to the patient via a catheter or cannula inserted into an artery.
  • Often the radial artery in the wrist or the femoral artery in the groin.
  • This is a specific type of connector that allows for the connection of multiple components in a blood pressure monitoring system.
  • The T-piece usually has three ports: one for connecting the transducer, one for the patient line (leading to the arterial catheter), and one for a flush system.

In practical terms, the T-piece is used to create a junction where the transducer connects to the patient’s arterial line and to a flush system.

The flush system is important because it allows for periodic flushing of the arterial line to prevent clotting and ensure accurate pressure measurements.

Here’s how the components typically fit together:
  • The arterial catheter is inserted into the patient’s artery.
  • The patient line connects from the catheter to one port of the T-piece.
  • The transducer connects to another port of the Blood Pressure T-piece.
  • The flush system connects to the third port of the T-piece.

This setup allows continuous or periodic monitoring of the patient’s arterial blood pressure through the transducer, which sends the pressure readings to a monitoring system.

In summary, a “T-piece” in blood pressure monitoring setups refers to a connector that plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate and reliable measurement of arterial blood pressure.

Blood Pressure Fitting, T-Piece

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