Blood Pressure Cuffs Double Tube

Blood Pressure Cuffs Double Tube

with Bladder

Sizes Available:  Neonate, Infant, Child, Small Adult, Adult, Adult Extra Length, Large Adult, Large Adult Extra Length, Thigh.

Outer Cuff: PU – Polyurethane

Inner Bladder: TPU Material

Tube I.D:4 mm / O.D:8 mm

Latex Free

Colour Coded Tubes by Size

Blood Pressure Cuffs Double Tube with Bladder is another common design used for measuring blood pressure. Here’s how it differs from the single tube design:

  1. Bladder: Like in the single tube design, the bladder is the inflatable part of the cuff that wraps around the patient’s arm. It’s typically made of a flexible material and is designed to inflate and deflate.
  2. Double Tubes: In this design, there are two separate tubes connected to the bladder:
    • Inflation Tube: This tube carries the air from the pump (bulb) to inflate the bladder. The healthcare provider squeezes the bulb to inflate the cuff to the appropriate pressure.
    • Deflation Tube: This tube carries the air out of the bladder when the release valve is opened. The release valve allows for controlled deflation of the cuff, enabling accurate measurement of blood pressure.
  3. Function: The blood pressure cuff with double tubes and a bladder function similarly to the single tube design in terms of blood pressure measurement. The key difference lies in the tubing system:
    • Inflation: Air is pumped into the bladder through the inflation tube using a bulb or automatic pump until the cuff reaches the appropriate pressure level.
    • Deflation: The healthcare provider opens the release valve connected to the deflation tube to slowly release the air from the bladder. As the air escapes, the pressure on the arm decreases, and the gauge connected to the bladder measures the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.
  4. Advantages: The double tube design offers several advantages:
    • Controlled Deflation: The separate deflation tube allows for more controlled and precise deflation of the cuff, which can contribute to more accurate blood pressure readings.
    • Ease of Use: Some healthcare providers find the double tube design easier to manipulate during the blood pressure measurement process.
    • Flexibility: The separate tubes provide flexibility in how the cuff is used and how the inflation and deflation processes are managed.

In summary, Blood Pressure Cuffs Double Tube with Bladder consists of a bladder connected to two separate tubes—one for inflation and one for deflation. This design is commonly used in clinical settings and offers advantages in terms of controlled deflation and ease of use during blood pressure measurement procedures.

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