Blood Pressure Cuffs Single Tube

Blood Pressure Cuffs Single Tube

with Bladder

Sizes Available:  Neonate, Infant, Child, Small Adult, Adult, Adult Extra Length, Large Adult, Large Adult Extra Length, Thigh.

Outer Cuff: PU – Polyurethane

Inner Bladder: TPU Material

Tube I.D:4 mm / O.D:8 mm

Latex Free

Colour Coded Tubes by Size

No Connecter with Cuff.

Blood Pressure Cuffs Single Tube with Bladder refers to a specific design of blood pressure cuff commonly used in healthcare settings. Here’s a breakdown of its components and how it functions:

  1. Bladder: This is the inflatable part of the cuff that wraps around the patient’s arm. It’s usually made of a flexible material like rubber or plastic and is designed to inflate and deflate.
  2. Single Tube: This refers to the tubing system connected to the bladder. In a single tube design, there is one tube that runs from the bladder to the sphygmomanometer (the device used to measure blood pressure). This tube carries the air that inflates the bladder and transmits the pressure changes to the gauge.
  3. Function: The blood pressure cuff with a single tube and bladder operates similarly to other cuffs. When the cuff is wrapped around the arm and inflated, the bladder compresses the brachial artery. As the cuff deflates, the gauge connected to the single tube detects the pressure changes within the bladder. This allows healthcare providers to measure the systolic and diastolic blood pressure of the patient.
  4. Accuracy: The accuracy of the blood pressure measurement depends on several factors, including the size of the bladder (which should match the circumference of the patient’s arm), proper placement of the cuff, and correct inflation and deflation procedures. A single tube design simplifies the tubing system and can be easier to manage during blood pressure measurements.

In summary, a blood pressure cuff with a single tube and bladder is a common design used for measuring blood pressure in healthcare settings. It consists of an inflatable bladder, connected to a single tube that transmits pressure changes to the gauge, allowing for accurate blood pressure readings.

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